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Welcome to The Woman Question.

This site is about sex. Not the act of intercourse, but the reality of differentiation: Male, Female. What distinguishes the two? Why does it matter?

In today’s world, our most fundamental identity categorization as human beings — the very distinction that facilitates humanity’s continued existence — finds itself always and everywhere under scrutiny. In the media, under the law, in school and corporate climates, and even within the context of the average family: whether by false narratives or real technological innovation, the reality of distinct womanhood, manhood, and their implicit complementary unity, stands presently on the edge of an abyss. What lies beyond is the annihilation of distinction, purpose, and meaning.

The Woman Question goes back to the basics. Reanchoring ourselves in a coherent metaphysics of sex is the first step in reversing our current trajectory toward broad alienation, isolation, sexlessness, and self-destruction. The purpose of this publication is to attempt that first step, and to document what comes of our precarious teetering, whether that be resurrection of meaning or total collapse. 

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